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Zoom “When Dementia Knocks” Presentations: Tell Me What You Want and I’ll Do My Best!

Hi friends! I want you to know that I appreciate you. Whether you found me recently on social media or starting following me when I started writing this blog in January of 2015 (oh, wow, back when I was in my 30s!), I am flattered that you tune in every Monday morning to see what […]

Truth, Lies, and Dementia (aka How Many Times Can You Tell a Guy His Dog Died?)

Our dog, Karl, died a few years ago. His mind was willing, but his back legs and hips had enough. He lived to the ripe old age of 14…which is a ridiculously long time for an English mastiff to live. We adopted him when he was 6. I don’t know what his life looked like […]

Dementia, Love, and Forgetting: Can You Be Loved by Someone Who Has Forgotten You?

Once an older guy told me, “My wife has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t know who I am, but I still love her.” It struck me that he used the word but to connect those two statements–as if it were surprising that he still loved his wife. I didn’t find it surprising, of course. We don’t stop […]