Small Victories in Dementialand

I try to respect people’s privacy. Within my blog, I change names and identifying details of individuals. And, when possible, I ask for permission to tell stories. Almost without exception, people want their stories told. They are excited about the possibility they have had an insight or experience that others might find interesting or useful. They may not want their names given, but they want their stories out … Continue reading Small Victories in Dementialand

Gifts from Dementialand

I’ll start by saying that dementia is NOT a gift. It’s not a normal part of aging. It is cruel and debilitating. And, yet, there may be gifts that come along with dementia. And when we are given a gift by dementia, we must accept it. (I tell the following story with the permission of the family it is about.) I spoke at an Alzheimer’s … Continue reading Gifts from Dementialand