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Predictability in the Most Unpredictable of Times: Building the Plane While We Fly It

I am writing in defense of college students. I know what you’ve heard. They’re entitled brats. They don’t care about anyone but themselves. They’re out at the bars spreading COVID. Sure. That describes some college students. It doesn’t describe the majority. College during COVID isn’t what college is supposed to be. We’ve told our college […]

Dementia, Election Anxiety, and Being Aware of Your Vibe

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”― Robert Frost I keep reminding myself of this as the United States is on edge with tomorrow’s election. (Maybe you’ve heard there’s an election tomorrow?) I feel like our nation has been divisively split into two camps. No matter who wins […]

Dementia, Masks, and a New Not-Normal in Nursing Homes

I wear a mask, and I encourage others to wear masks. None of what I am about to say changes that. But…masks are rough for people with dementia. Sure–it might be hard for someone with dementia to wear a mask correctly. But it’s more than that… Being around people wearing masks can be difficult, confusing, […]