About the Author

Dr. Elaine Eshbaugh is a professor of Gerontology and Family Studies and has coordinated UNI’s Gerontology program since 2007. She has a master’s and PhD in Human Development and Family Studies from Iowa State University, and has been published in research journals such as the Journal of Poverty, Journal of Community Health Nursing, Gerontology & Geriatrics Education, and the Journal of Community Psychology. Dr. Eshbaugh has more than 30 research publications in empirical journals. She teaches courses such as Research Methods, Psychology of Aging, and Families, Alzheimer’s & Related Dementias. She has collaborated with various continuing care communities, adult day services, and hospices.

In her free time, she enjoys doing semi-adventurous things with her husband (Bill), running, documentaries, hanging out with dogs of all sizes, and students who bring candy to her office.


8 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Thanks a lot for the article. I found it very informative. My husband had been diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia and is now in a nursing home. He had dramatic change in behaviour,difficulty swallowing and gets emotional easily. I feel so guilty of putting him in the home .


  2. HI, Elizabeth. Thanks so much for the follow. I have just finished reading your Welcome. Thanks for that, too. What a brilliant experience for a child to grow up with those experiences. Having experienced time with my aunt and mother who had Alzheimer’s and dementia, I can understand your childhood perfectly. I’m glad you found such joy in it as that clearly helped you decide your future. I look forward to futrher visits to Dementialand.


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