Dementia Simulation House Update

Good morning! It’s been quite a spring semester (although it is certainly not yet spring in Iowa). In the first 10 weeks our dementia simulation house has been open, we’ve had over 230 people participate in the simulation.

It’s fun, exciting, rewarding, and lots of other positive things…in addition to being overwhelming. Although my schedule is packed and some days are a bit chaotic, I leave work feeling pretty dang good about how things are going.

And I am not doing this alone. Our team is fantastic–especially considering that until January we had no team and no house. Our soft opening was February 8th, and I am incredibly grateful for Bill, Carly, Denell, Eran, Megan, and Olivia (in no particular order–well, alphabetical order) for being a part of this crazy journey and keeping our momentum rolling.

My heart is full.

If you want to book….give us a little time. We do have four spots (probably fewer by now) left on our schedule right now but will be adding more sessions when we are able. Click here to check our schedule for openings:

Booking link

I am sharing with you a well-done story by the University of Northern Iowa’s Anna Flanders that reflect where we are at in this journey:

Dem Sim House story

Signing off.

Your very grateful friend,