Careers in Dementialand (Or What Serial Has to Do with Dementialand)

I was a little slow to the party, but I recently listened to the Serial podcast. It’s a spinoff of This American Life on NPR, in case you haven’t heard of it. If you haven’t listened to it but plan to, there really won’t be any spoilers contained here. Keep reading. It’s a series of […]

But Is Alzheimer’s the Same Thing As Dementia?

Question: Is Alzheimer’s the same thing as dementia? Answer: Alzheimer’s is to dementia….as chair is to furniture. Alzheimer’s is to dementia….as orange is to fruit. Alzheimer’s is to dementia….as beagle is to dog. You got that? If so, stop reading now. You won’t hurt my feelings. If that doesn’t make sense or you want to […]