Special Guest Blog: COVID-19 and Dementia

Today’s special guest blogger has more expertise on the subject than I do–he is living with dementia. Emphasis on “living.” Thanks, Roger, for sharing this and for reminding us of the potential that people living with dementia have to continue living meaningful lives and making a difference. —Elaine     Coronavirus and Dementia How I […]

The Northern Iowa Gerontology Nursing Home Art Box Project!

Exciting news! Yesterday we launched the Northern Iowa Gerontology Nursing Home Art Box Project to send art supplies to nursing home residents who are isolated due to COVID-19. I have some funding to buy supplies due to a generous gift from the Adele Whitenack Davis family. However, some people have asked how to contribute. And […]

This Ain’t Just About Memory: Dementia and the Senses (Part 5: Touch)

This is the fifth of a series of five posts about the senses and dementia. Today we focus on touch. The issue of touch, or tactile stimulation, for those with dementia is complex. An entire book could be written on the topic, and I will be clear that this post is not a complete summary […]

This Ain’t Just About Memory Loss: Dementia and Senses (Part 4: Taste)

This is the fourth in a series of post about dementia and the senses. Some of the following content is adapted from a 2016 blog post that I wrote. Today we address taste. We use our taste buds to taste four flavors: salty, sweet, bitter, and sour. (There is some controversy about whether there is […]