Dementia Simulation House Openings!

Hi everyone! Here are our current March and April openings for the Dementia Simulation House:—-248/dementia-simulation-house-experience?month=2023-03

This is an in-person experience, and it is located in Cedar Falls, Iowa. It is open to the community, and we would love to meet you.

Please note that this is NOT an experience for those living with dementia. They live dementia everyday, so they certainly do NOT need this simulation. Also, this is not an assessment for dementia.

If you work professionally with people who live with dementia and would like to bring your work team, click on business/organization inquiries here:

Also, if you want to support us financially, you can make a donation here: or contact

We are able to continue to provide outreach and education only because of our generous donors.

Feel free to email with questions!

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