Sex, Dementia, and a Favor

Hi all…

Yes, you read correctly. Sex.

We’ve been doing dementia caregiver support groups.

And we’ve been talking about sex.

But we want to learn more.

I asked one of our interns, Olivia, to do a deep dive and learn about different perspectives on dementia sex. There’s not enough out there, and it’s such a multi-faceted topic.

Issues with consent.

Challenges with privacy in assisted livings and nursing homes.

Struggling with a partner who is too persistent (for your taste) about sex after diagnosis.

Whatever it is….we want to hear about it. We want to learn from you.

If you have experiences or thoughts that you would be willing to share with us, please email them to

Everything you share with us is completely confidential and for the purpose of gaining more perspective on this topic.

3 thoughts on “Sex, Dementia, and a Favor

  1. How does one send you information? You said you don’t read comments and I and others may not want to send this information in a public manner in any case. Hopefully you read this. Thanks, Nora


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