Sharing Lived Experiences About Nursing Homes During the Pandemic

Hey all!

I have a request today…I am working on some blog posts about the experiences of loved ones and caregivers during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have experiences you’d like to share, I want to you hear you. Please click on the following link to help me learn about your lived experiences:

Here’s the thing—-No one taught me about the experiences of caregiving through COVID in my grad school classes or textbooks. I haven’t been in a nursing home since March 2020 (as it should be). You need to be my teacher. What I hear from states and the federal government doesn’t always reflect what’s actually happening in facilities. Be honest. Be blunt. I am all ears.

Your experiences and insights matter to me.

I am not planning to publish your thoughts in a book or research article, but may use this in a future blog post. You are welcome to use an alias rather than your real name.

Thank you in advance for your lived experiences.