When Opportunity Knocks (About Those Upcoming Blog Changes)

Hi friends.

I know I left you in a state of suspense the other day about our big blog changes. I’m guessing some of you haven’t slept since.

Well, I hope you’re sitting down—-because we are changing the name of the blog! This will be the first change in an exciting blog reboot!

I’ll start from the beginning.

Sometimes opportunity knocks on your door, and you look through the peephole. You don’t recognize it as opportunity. In fact, it looks like a pile of garbage.

You don’t let it in at first, but you keep peeking out. And after a few days, you realize that pile of garbage is, in fact, an opportunity. You let it in.

Here’s what happened. I got a cease and desist email. Someone trademarked the term “dementialand” after I started my blog.

And, because I am who I am, I do need to make this clear. IT WAS TRADEMARKED AFTER MY BLOG WAS ESTABLISHED. It’s important to me that people understand this because I teach students to respect intellectual property, avoid plagiarism, and participate in other such ethical behavior.

This individual has a book with “dementialand” in the title and has learned that I am using I am using this term to profit and promote my goods and services.


My first thought was that I was willing to send this person a check for every cent I have ever made from using this term. This check would be for $.00. Actually, it would be an invoice. I paid to upgrade my WordPress account so that you see fewer adds. The communication I received also referred to misuse of the term by my “company.” What company? I’m just a woman who frequents local coffee shops and eats way too many baked goods while she writes about dementia.

My second thought was that, sure, I’d change the name of my blog….How about Dementiaville? Dementia County? Dementiaworld? I’LL SHOW THEM. Fortunately, that streak of pettiness was short-lived. BECAUSE I AM AN ADULT.

My third thought….why is someone picking on me? I write this blog without any type of compensation. I do it to help people. It’s not my job (although it’s related what I do at my job). I write with the hope that maybe, just maybe, I can help someone out there in a small way. This blog is my way to, hopefully, make this world a slightly better and kinder place.

I have talked to a couple friends with law degrees, and both indicated a few reasons that perhaps I don’t actually need to change the name of the blog. But….I understand trademarks. I could have trademarked the term, but I had no interest in going through this process and restricting its use.

A few days after that initial notification, that pile of garbage started to look like an opportunity.

Here’s why I am thankful for this push to change the name:

  1. I have mentioned to several friends that if I had known people other than my mother and husband would read this blog, I would have put more thought into the name. I’ve never been 100% sold that this is the perfect name for my work.
  2. I am a lover and not a fighter. I’ve got plenty of battles to fight in my life (we all do), and this one isn’t worth the fight.
  3. I read an excerpt from the book with “dementialand” in the title. Let’s just say that the author sees dementia differently than I do. I don’t want my readers to be confused and think that I wrote this book.
  4. Sometimes you just need a change.
  5. I can do this my way, and I can make it a fun process.

Now, about that fun process.

When I first named the blog, I didn’t have a blog. I mean, I came up with a title when I had not yet written a post. I didn’t have a purpose or a target audience. I just knew I wanted to write.

Now I have content. I have more readers than I ever imagined. That means WE (yes, WE) can come up with a better title.

I really do need your help. I mean, I’m obviously a failure at naming blogs. The title I chose was one I never really liked and got me into potential legal trouble.

So it is YOUR turn.

You are invited to submit a suggested title here: BLOG TITLE CONTEST

I will choose a few of my favorites, and then we will do a poll to choose the new blog title. And, since everyone loves a contest, you will get a prize if your title is eventually chosen.

I have no idea what that prize is yet. But it will be awesome.

Your deadline is Saturday, May 25, at 11:59 CST.

Oh, and doublecheck for me to make sure your proposed title isn’t trademarked.

Onward, friends.

(Wow. Writing that was really therapeutic for me.)




19 thoughts on “When Opportunity Knocks (About Those Upcoming Blog Changes)

  1. That person’s gall is breathtaking as it is abundantly clear from her relatively newly launched podcast etceteras that HER objective is to make a bit fat profit. Holy projection Batman!

    I suck at coming up with headlines and blog titles so I won’t bother to suggest any, but I’m sure others will continue to do so and in the end you will discover something wonderful and appropriate. I enjoy your thoughts and writing and have shared your work on my own blog.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. How about The Dementia Lens or Through the Lens of Dementia? I did check to see if it was used anywhere else and I found an article or two with those words in the title but nothing that would keep you from using it – I don’t think. Or maybe Dementia Through the Looking Glass. Just googled Dementia Through the Looking Glass and see a similar title used to name caregiving instruction- sorry, guess that won’t work either. Or will it? There was a day when there wasn’t much in the way of dementia education available. Now there is so much, it’s getting crowded – not really a bad problem – at least we’re talking about it more. Your voice is so valuable – hey, how about the Dementia Voice? Whoops – just checked. Turns out the Dementia Society uses that term within their organization. Oh well. Best Wishes. I’ll keep thinking – I know some clever person will come up with the perfect title. You’re my favorite Dementia Blogger. How about Your Favorite Dementia Blogger? Think anyone has that one tied up?


  3. Well poo to those who are trying to rain on your parade er blog! But you have a great attitude and are turning a less than wonderful situation into a challenge to “rebrand” and I salute you. Keep on writing and don’t let the haters get you down. You have a lot to offer those of us who are living with loved ones with dementia and it is always good to have the support of that community. Keep on keeping on! We will follow with whatever name you come up with!

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  4. Your resilience is inspiring! I was hoping the big news was that a publisher had asked you to write a book! That may yet happen, and if it does, I’ll buy YOUR book.


  5. I’m so sorry you had to deal with this annoyance, Elaine, but I love the positive spin you’ve put on the situation. I’m trying to think of some clever and wonderfully creative title to throw into the hat. What about Dismantling Dementia or Dissecting Dementia? Or maybe Digging Through Dementia? Discovering Dignity in Dementia? Devotion In Dementia? Clearly I’m a little obsessed with alliteration. 🙂

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  6. I love your blog title Elaine and find it most appropriate. I’m not much good at coming up with titles, but just for the hell of it, I’ll throw one in the mix. Dementia Family. I know that’s pretty bad, but Dementia Connections just does sound warm enough, which is the overriding theme of your blogs and Dementia Friends is already taken. Carry on doing what you do my friend xx

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  7. Hi, Elaine, I’m 66 years old and not much surprises me. That goes for individuals and corporations who feel they’re entitled to hoard names, and even colors, to promote their brands. Why can’t we all just get along. So, I couldn’t resist sending you a potential new name for your blog, and suggested “Wish You Were Here.” To me, it reflects a dual perspective from both the person with dementia, and those caring for persons with dementia. I did check out the Trademark website. It’s damned confusing. I did find 35 trademark listings for this title, but most were listed as “dead,” and the others were for wine, sunglasses, or other retail establishments. Like websites, it’s probably going to be tough to find a name that hasn’t been trademarked, but supposedly the test is whether there’s the potential for a consumer to be confused by your product (blog) and another product of the same name. Of course, I’m no lawyer so you’d best not take my word for it. Anyway, I’m probably spending wayyyy too much time on this, but your dilemma really grabbed me, and I love how and what you write, so wanted to help in some small way. All the best, Judith Henry

    Judith Henry Author of The Dutiful Daughter’s Guide to Caregiving JudithDHenry.com

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    1. I appreciate your thoughts–and I feel honored that you even took the time to think about it! You help me in MORE than a small way with your support. I admire what you do, and I’m honored that you’d even take the time to read what I write….and I like your title suggestion quite a bit!


  8. Dear Elaine

    I JUST LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! It’s one of the few I’ve kept reading because your wry humour totally delights me.

    I am just gobsmacked by the pettiness of this whole turn of events. Who on earth trademarks a word … it’s as bad as the US deciding to trademark ‘Rooibos tea’ … for goodness sake, who speaks Afrikaans in the US anyway, except a few South African escapees.

    I also don’t have a clue about what you should call your blog. You can call it ‘Doris’ for all I care. I just want you to keep writing for as long as I live, because you bring me joy and laughter, which is just what we need in this field.

    YOU ROCK!! I loved sharing in your cathartic overcoming of this pile of garbage.

    And I WON’T buy his/her book, so nyeah!!!

    Lots of love and solidarity

    Alice (from Cape Town)


    1. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. I’ve had some people message me to tell me that my humor in discussing dementia is offensive to them….but I’ve come to realize that those aren’t MY people. You are MY people!

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  9. You now make me worried that I should copyright my blog name. I used the phase dementialand . I also used several odd terms that could be accidentially stolen or intentionally copyrighted by this person…slumberamasville, Alzesthesia , etc.
    Heck, on December 31st, I started a blog post “Hey all…let’s talk some sundowners/sundowning in Alzheimer’s Land!! (Tied for the worst amusement park name ever with Alzheimer’s World, Dementiaville and Barefooted Lego Village.)

    I just discovered your blog in the last month or two…I am sure I am next.

    (BTW…I also did a piece on the 5 Love Languages of Dementia…then looked it up and, sure enough, it had been used. I gave lots of citations to the others and advocated buying them…hopefully they will be OK with it)

    Frustrating trying to bring awareness to a critical issue, for free!!!, and have people do this kind of thing. 😦

    Keep up the great work. I love your stuff.

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    1. A couple things….first of all, if you do get a cease and desist—BE PROUD. Because it means someone is threatened enough by your work to come at ya.

      As for Alzheimer’s Land, I heard the roller coaster is pretty crazy–with lots of unexpected highs and lows! And if I should ever use a term that you want to use, GO FOR IT. We are on the same team! Thank you for what you do in this field!


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