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Happy Monday!

Last week I was invited to be on a podcast called Half the Story to talk about Alzheimer’s and other dementias. On the podcast, you’ll hear me discuss:

  • why I hate most hotel carpet,
  • how my friend Drew taught me that dementia care is similar to improv,
  • the important (and rarely discussed) role that mental fatigue plays in dementia,
  • common misconceptions families have after diagnosis,
  • how you can train your brain to cope more positively with the changes that occur in dementia, and
  • why I rarely use the seven stage model of dementia you might see elsewhere.

Thanks, Andy, for having me on Half the Story!

Here is the episode in its entirety:



5 thoughts on “Podcasts in Dementialand

  1. I found it difficult to follow the interview because the sound levels of the podcast were so mismatched. Your voice sounded as though your microphone wasn’t turned on and the interviewer’s voice level was so high that it was like he was shouting. I would appreciate a copy of the text of the podcast as I think what you had to say was very important. Thanks.


  2. Hi Elaine – I love the refreshingly positive energy you bring to the dementia world. I’m hoping that you can summarize the topics you shared in the video interview with Andy. As caregiver to my parents, both with dementia/Alzheiimer’s, I’m always seeking new advice to share to my circle of followers. The point you brought up about mental fatigue is something I would like to know more about. I’m ashamed to admit that I couldn’t watch the interview, WAY too distracted by the sound bugs and Andy’s constant fidgeting. Can you direct me to one of your blog posts that might cover the same content matter? Gratitude to you and all you do.


    1. Thanks, Elaine. My apologies to Andy, I guess I was suffering mental fatigue the day of my comment. In rereading it today, it seems overly critical. (slap self on hand).


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