Classes in Dementialand

Hey y’all…I’m back.

I take the summers off from writing, and since it’s the unofficial end of summer (Labor Day) I decided to get back on that proverbial horse. Also, my dad recently emailed me “Where da blog?”

So here I am.

Next week I’ll have a full post, but for now I wanted to let you know about an upcoming course I’m teaching aimed at older adults. Obviously, I don’t expect you to drive across the country for this (nor do I think it would be worth it), so this is aimed at my local readers in northeast Iowa.

If you happen to be in my neck of the woods for three Wednesdays in November, I’d love to see you:

I did notice that the link to my specific course description seems to be down, and I’ve just sent an email about that. Hopefully they’ll get that fixed, but in the meantime I’ll give you the synopsis of the course in my own words:

Elaine will ramble on about Alzheimer’s and dementia. She’ll probably make you do some group activities and partner things, so if you don’t like stuff like that, you’ll curse her under your breath. Oh, and she’ll tell some jokes. They won’t always be funny, but people are nice so they usually laugh anyway.

While you are checking out the website, please notice the other courses as well. You might, in fact, be more interested in learning about cinematic satire or where your food comes from than listening to me. That’s fair, and it will only hurt my feelings a little bit.

See you next week!