A See You Later From Dementialand

This is my last Dementialand blog post until the end of the summer.

I’ve decided to invest the hour or two I spend each week writing in something else of value–like drinking wine on our deck, trying to keep my hanging flower baskets alive for the first summer ever, and spending time with our ridiculously old dog Karl (who is likely on earth for his final summer, although I’ve said this the last four summers).

I made this decision on Thursday as I was listening to a “Happier with Gretchen Rubin” podcast on Designing Your Summer as I drove home work meetings in Lake of the Ozarks. Although “Happier with Gretchen Rubin” sounds pretty cheesy, I’ve actually picked up a few habits that have made me subtly and slightly happier.

Anyway, Rubin suggests designing your summer to incorporate some fresh activities and new routines. Part of my plan is to put the blog on hiatus. I enjoy writing it too much to let it go forever, but I do feel like I’ll benefit from a break in the routine of writing a post every week.

And the next time I sit on the deck for an hour doing nothing in the middle of an afternoon, I won’t feel guilty. I’ll remind myself that I intentionally traded in my writing time (temporarily) for exactly that.


10 thoughts on “A See You Later From Dementialand

  1. During your hiatus, we can revisit previous posts to your blog. Like leftovers, they can be even better the second time around. Enjoy the deck! Love you!

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  2. Enjoy your summer Elaine. Thank you for your blogs. I have learned from you and enjoy your blog. Until the fall.

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